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  • Some Dude 65: White People + Carhartt + Semi Automatics

      We are back for another episode of Some Dude Pod. J.R. Bang discusses his near run-in with some Trump supporters. The duo talks about the 17th Anniversary of Jay-Z’s […]

  • Some Dude 64: Is Maywood, Illinois Ghetto?

    The Presidential Election is now over (we think) and Joe Biden is now the President-Elect of the United States. What has to be done in order for the country to […]

  • Some Dude 63: Fire Emojis

    The guys from #SomeDudePod are fired up this episode. J.R Bang and Mike B kick off the show with the surprising news from “This Is Us” (3:05). Some Dude also […]

  • Some Dude 62: You Good Bang?

      #SomeDudePod had to take a week hiatus because of the health issues of co-host J.R. Bang? Mike B wants to know is Bang good. Well, Bang gives some of […]

  • #FBCPod: Wrestling Storylines

    In #FBCPod: Wrestling Storylines, Camp From The Port, and J.R. Bang discuss why storylines in Wresting are important. The duo talks about there favorites including: Hulk Hogan vs King Kong […]

  • Some Dude 61: Fake Decent

    The NBA Bubble is now over and the Los Angeles Lakers are the NBA Intramural Series Champion! But for real the guys at #SomeDudePod talk about the NBA Playoffs and […]