Listen To Some Dude’s Isley Brothers Verzuz Earth, Wind and Fire Playlist

Some Dude's Isley Brothers Verzuz Earth Wind and Fire Playlist
Source: Some Dude

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One of the most anticipated Verzuz battles for the OG’s is coming this weekend as The Isley Brothers and Earth Wind and Fire will duke it out song for song on Easter Sunday. If you grew up jamming to the Isley’s or EWF at the neighborhood quarter party or while your parents were cleaning the house, you will be in for flashbacks of a time when music was amazing. Both groups gave us music that will stand the test of time. Will keep us bopping from the barbeques to the card parties and if you want to slow dance the night away with your mate, you are covered.

Sunday will be a day to not only jam before the work week starts, flowers will be given to two of the baddest bands ever. To get you ready for Sunday’s epic encounter, Some Dude gives you their Isley’s vs. EWF playlist. We keep it at the usual Verzuz limit of 20 songs. We gave you songs to slap a spade on the table to cut your opponent, tracks to raise a glass to, and a jam to look bae in the eye to and tell them you love them.

Hope you enjoy it!

Watch Isley Brothers Vs. Earth, Wind And Fire And Velvet Paintings from Some Dude 71: Just Talking To Be Talking

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